18 Nov 2021

Keeping workspaces clean is vital to your business for many reasons beyond regulatory compliance. For example, a clean workspace enhances productivity, reduces the risk of mistake or injury, and makes daily work easier and more pleasant for employees.

5S Workplace Organization is the best way to do that. 5S principles were developed out of the Toyota Production System or, as it’s commonly called in North America, Lean methodology. Lean is a production method focused on reducing production time and increasing efficiency. 5S is one of the strategies organizations use to become leaner

5S offers a host of benefits when it comes to increasing safety in your business. Quest Safety has partnered with Accuform, a leader in workplace signage and 5S Workplace Organization, to make it easy for organizations to implement 5S and bolster employee safety.

What Is 5S?

5S Workplace Organization is a strategy for keeping everything in its proper place, so the workplace stays clean and organized, making it easier for employees to do their jobs without wasting time searching for items or even risking injury because an item was in the wrong area. The principles of 5S were made popular with Toyota’s Production System but have expanded well beyond automotive production lines. Manufacturing facilities of all sizes, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, and food production plants are just some of the examples of industries that use 5S.

5S is named for the five steps used to organize each area


Go through all tools, furniture, materials, equipment, etc., to determine what should be placed in the space or removed. The best people to assess this are those who work in that space, so make sure worker input is a top consideration.

Products include:


Red Tags By-The-Roll                                                                  Red Tag Area Signs

Set in Order

Now that you’ve removed clutter, the workers in that area should choose the best strategy for sorting through the remaining items. Which people use which items and when? Can you group any by similarities? Where is the most logical place to keep each grouping? Do you need any storage containers, labels, or other supplies?

Products include: 


    Store-Boards™                                          Store-Drawers™                                     Station Boards


In this step, you clean the work area until it’s sparkling — sweep, dust, mop, wipe down surfaces, organize tools and make sure everything is in its proper place.

Products include:


Clean & Sweep Store-Boards™                                    Wet Zone Store-Boards™


Standardization turns what could easily be a one-time effort into a routine. Assign regular tasks, create schedules, and communicate clear instructions and expectations so 5S becomes the routine. For example, consider posting a daily checklist or chart. 

Products include:      


                      Site-Boards™                                         5S Posters


To keep 5S running smoothly, focus on making it a long-term program and part of the culture. Everyone should participate, including employees at the very top. Set up a program to train new employees or those who move departments.

Products include:


           Digi-Day® 3 Scoreboards                                                        5S Banners

Why Is 5S So Important?

5S is fundamental to Lean principles because consistent efficiency and safety are difficult to achieve in a cluttered, messy, or unclean workplace. Cleanliness and organization enable organized and safe work, helping you avoid slowdowns and accidents.

5S Offers:

  • A safer work environment
  • Lowered costs
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • Higher quality and productivity

Adopting 5S Is Easier Than You Think with Accuform

Visual communication tools like labels, floor markings, and shadow boards can make working in an area simpler, safer, and more organized. A workplace that uses visual management in this way is often called a Visual Workplace.

Accuform offers all the most common visual tools used in 5S. Download the Accuform 5S Catalog or view their 5S how-to guide. In addition, Accuform’s Trending Topics and White Paper sections contain a wealth of information about various safety topics. 

Quest and Accuform can help you find the right 5S products or perform site surveys to increase your workplace safety. We can also schedule Accuform to bring their 5S Van to your location to demonstrate workplace organization in a safe and organized environment. If your company is interested, Accuform’s mobile trade show arrives with full-sized product samples, educational resources, stock and custom solutions, material samples, SWAG, and 5S experts to run the event. All you need is an equivalent space the length of 4-5 parking spaces.

Contact Quest Today to Implement or Strengthen Your 5S Program

Businesses thrive when they keep their workspaces orderly and organized with standardized procedures to boost safety and productivity. 5S Workplace Organization can be applied to any workplace and is usually inexpensive to implement. In the long run, it makes processes run more smoothly and reduces the risk of accidents.

No matter your needs, Quest can help you find an Accuform product to help your business promote safety and efficiency through 5S. Contact your territory manager or Quest’s Customer Service team today to learn more.

11 Nov 2021

Quest Safety Products has entered its 25th year in business. A lot has changed in the last 25 years, from the size and location of our office to the style of our work. To celebrate our history and show our customers a little more about who we are, we asked long-time employees to share their thoughts on the company’s evolution. Read on to learn more about our journey over the past quarter-century.

Quest Celebrates 25 Years

Quest Environmental & Safety Products, Inc. was started in 1997 to focus specifically on the environmental abatement market, committed to keeping workers safe in this dangerous industry.

As a small business with a small number of employees, we focused all of our resources on our passion for keeping workers safe. One employee remarked that “we were still using handwritten inventory tags back then.” Since then, the business has grown not only in size but also in sophistication.

“I am very proud of the Quest Team! I get to come to work with people I enjoy being with, sharing a culture that is committed to the safety of our customers, giving back to the community, and growing professionally,” said Sam Yadav, President of Quest Safety Products. “We have weathered the challenges, celebrated our successes, and have been there for each other during the tough times – that is a description of a family. So many of our team members and customers have been with us for most of the 25 years together – thank you!”

How We’ve Changed

As Quest has grown, a close-knit team of veteran employees has stayed with us while new employees have joined to strengthen our team with fresh expertise. This has created a collaborative environment of innovation and individual empowerment among both long-time and new employees.

“This is my second stint with Quest, and the youth infusion and new ideas have been a breath of fresh air,” said a seasoned sales rep.

“One of the biggest areas of growth I’ve seen at Quest has been ownership empowering employees to make business decisions that have impact on the company today and tomorrow,” said a veteran employee. “I’ve had increased responsibilities and opportunities to enhance my professional skill sets throughout my career at Quest,” added another.

Quest has evolved several times with many upgrades to our product mix, facilities, infrastructure, and business model. Along with those changes have come exciting achievements.

“One of my favorite memories from working at Quest has been seeing us become a major player in the pharmaceutical safety market,” said a long-time employee. “When we were awarded a contract we worked hard for, I knew there wasn’t anything we couldn’t do as a company if we worked together.”

Over the years, Quest added a safety division to the business. While our commitment to the abatement industry never lessened, we saw that our sole purpose was to partner with companies to help protect their workers every day, regardless of the environment. That purpose became the company’s motto and our overriding goal.

2017 was a very busy year for us. We merged the two divisions, renamed the company Quest Safety Products, Inc., moved to downtown Indianapolis, and became HUBZone certified. 

“Our evolution from our Fishers, IN, location to our beautiful new facility in Indianapolis, IN, and our incredible growth spurt in recent years has been amazing to see,” said another employee.

Some things, however, did not change.

“While Quest has doubled in the number of employees and amount of revenue, it’s still the same family-owned business it was when I began — just in a bigger building with more employees,” one company veteran added.

How We’ve Stayed the Same

Quest’s commitment to our original passion and values hasn’t wavered over the past 25 years.

“While the organizational growth has been a pleasure to be a part of and watch over the years, our mission has remained consistent: to protect workers in any environment,” said one seasoned employee.

“Over the years, our values haven’t changed much — we’ve always believed in equality and inclusivity,” added another.

“The most rewarding part of my work is knowing the products, services, and solutions we provide directly impact the safety of people and businesses,” remarked another company veteran. “Becoming part of a customer’s business and knowing we’re helping them achieve their goals is very motivating.”

25 Years of Special Memories

Several employees remarked that their favorite memories and the most rewarding aspect of work at Quest had been the friendships created over the years. Whether celebrating new milestones and holidays or attending conferences, the Quest family has not only grown, but grown closer. Here are a few of our employees’ favorite or surprising memories:

“I met my husband of 10 years through Quest!” 

“I remember the start. And watching us grow and how it has happened has created several great memories for me.”

“I was not expecting to be in the safety products industry for over ten years, but I’ve enjoyed learning and playing a key role in the safety of the United States workforce.”

“Our evolution from our Fishers location to our beautiful new facility and our incredible growth spurt in recent years has been amazing to see.”

To Another 25 Years of Partnering with You to Protect Your Workers in Any EnvironmentWe’re looking forward to serving you for 25 more years. At Quest Safety Products, we are always up-to-date with the latest requirements so we can provide you with safety equipment that suits your unique needs. To help you keep your workers safe, Quest offers a full range of safety equipment from all the major manufacturers. If you are looking for assistance with safety for any industry, Quest can help — contact us today.

27 Oct 2021

Quest Safety Products is expanding its product line to include more products for controlled environments, sterile environments, and cleanrooms, focusing on the product lines below. Quest is proud to have 11 of the top pharmaceutical companies as customers and this addition helps us provide them with a more complete product line.

Quest’s Territory Managers’ have been through hours of training on PPE. We, along with our supplier partners, are ready to work with your Industrial Hygienists to find the right garments to fit your ISO classification, possible hazards, and exposure levels. We have also created a catalog devoted to PPE for controlled environments. Let’s discuss your garmenting needs or issues and together we’ll find the right solution. Our initial focus has been on product lines from DuPont, Ansell, and Lakeland. We can also source from other manufacturers as needed by our customers.  

The First Step is Understanding Your Controlled Environments

The term Controlled Environment, sometimes also referred to as critical environments, is an overarching term for areas that are extremely regulated in terms of how the room is designed and equipped, what type of work is done in the room, and how employees work within them.   

All Controlled Environments control temperature, pressure, and are separated from other areas within the facility. Some controlled environments also control humidity. 

There are two types of controlled environments that require special personal protective equipment: cleanrooms and sterile environments.

Cleanrooms are highly controlled indoor environments. Similar to controlled environments, the temperature, humidity, and pressure are controlled to required levels. The air entering the clean environment is filtered by air handling units usually equipped with HEPA filters. What differentiates cleanrooms is the regulation of particulates (dust, airborne organisms, or vaporized particles) in the air per cubic meter. The US General Service Administration’s ISO 14644-1 system classifies clean rooms into nine classes depending on the industry requirements.

Workers in these rooms are required to wear PPE that are clean-manufactured at a minimum. This is why it is key to work with PPE manufacturers and distributors who understand cleanroom requirements.

Our partner, Lakeland highlights the importance of clean-manufactured garments well: 

A clean-manufactured garment is sewn and constructed in a controlled, clean-manufacturing environment. A clean-manufacturing facility ensures that:

  • All of the assembly operators are trained in good cleanroom hygiene and clean manufacturing principles.
  • Each employee is gowned in the class appropriate cleanroom apparel.
  • Work surfaces are disinfected and wiped clean at predetermined intervals throughout production.

Most importantly, a clean-manufacturing facility ensures that operators are not adding any particulates onto the garments during the construction and manufacturing process.

Cleanrooms are used for manufacturing products such as electronics, pharmaceutical, and medical equipment. 

Sterile Environments require all the controls of controlled environments and go one step further. Sterile environments must be completely free of bacteria and microorganism. Employers must use PPE that has undergone a sterilization process. This is another case where knowing your PPE manufacturer and distributor can help determine your success in meeting specific regulations.

Such environments are usually required for very specific tasks such as pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

For additional information on Clean vs Sterile Garments, check out Lakeland’s article Clean vs Sterile Manufacturing: Why it Matters for Your Cleanroom Apparel

Why Is PPE So Critical For These Environments?

PPE is key in controlled environments to protect the products, workers, and facilities. 

Per OSHA, protective head, foot, and body coverings are required in a cleanroom to reduce particulate contamination. In cleanroom and sterile environments, about 80 percent of the impurities come from people. This includes skin flaking, microbes, hair, textile fibers, and dust which can cause serious problems.

In addition, employees must wear the required PPE to protect them from the materials and processes used. Protective clothing is the most important PPE for controlled environments. In addition to protective garments there is eye protection, face masks and shields, as well the appropriate gloves made specifically for controlled environments. In some cases respiratory protection may be required – remember that respirator use requires special medical qualification, fit testing, and training.

OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910, more commonly known as the General Industry Standard, outlines a variety of cleanroom requirements and dictates that employers must provide PPE for the eyes, face, head, and extremities. Whether reusable or disposable, these must be used and maintained in sanitary and reliable conditions.


We understand that cleanroom garment classification alone is complicated:

  • Clean / Sterile
  • Clean / Non-Sterile
  • Non-Clean / Sterile
  • Non-Clean / Non-Sterile

Additionally, there are numerous garment styles, autoclavable options, and packaging choices. All of these PPE garment features are determined by the type of controlled environment your team works in. We’re here to help you find what products are available to fit your needs.  

Check out our Controlled Environment Catalog. We’ve designed the catalog to focus on the type of garment and the coverage needed to help you find products easily. The contents page is shown here.

You can access the Quest Controlled Environment Catalog here.

13 Sep 2021

Safety leaders are often focused solely on which hearing protection is best. Some safety managers choose hearing protection based exclusively on the product’s Noise Reduction Rating (NRR). The NRR is important, but it’s also critical to remember that the best hearing protection is the protection workers will wear consistently.

The Centers for Disease Control and the National Institute for Occupational Safety Hazards have uncovered these striking occupational hearing loss statistics:

  • About 25% of all workers have been exposed to hazardous noise, with 14% (22 million) exposed in the last year.
  • 34% of noise-exposed workers report not wearing hearing protection.
  • Approximately 12% of all workers have hearing difficulty.
  • About 8% of all workers have tinnitus.
  • About 16% of noise-exposed tested workers have a material hearing impairment that impacts day-to-day activities.
  • 13% of noise-exposed tested workers have hearing impairment in both ears.

Regardless of the NRR or type of hearing protection your company uses, convenience will keep workers wearing hearing protection consistently — availability is vital. Moldex makes it easy to achieve high availability for your workers to keep them safe from noise hazards. Visit our Knowledge Center for information on how Moldex products are designed to make it easy for your workers to protect their hearing. 

Boosting Compliance Through High Availability of Hearing Protection

Convenience drives compliance. How much effort do your workers have to put into obtaining hearing protection? Having supplies readily available in work areas makes it easy for them to comply with safety guidelines and protect their hearing. Going to the safety manager’s or supervisor’s office or filling out a requisition form will not.

To encourage compliance through high visibility and availability:

  • Place earplug dispensers in all work areas and break rooms.
  • Put up posters or signs to remind workers to get earplugs when they enter a noisy area.
  • Ensure employees understand where and how to access hearing protection when you first fit them and again during annual training.

Moldex Hearing Protection Dispensers

Quest Safety Products partners with Moldex, a leader in hearing protection products. Moldex hearing protection dispensers are cost-effective to place anywhere in the facility — near workstations, outside restrooms, and in break rooms — to keep hearing protection top of mind with workers and make it easy for them to get the earplugs they need. 

Brackets make them even easier to install so you can save time as well as money. The plastic brackets screw into fixed stands or walls, while the magnetic brackets can go on vending machines, metal cabinets, and other metal surfaces.

Unlike competitors, the Moldex dispensers are sealed to ensure the earplugs stay clean and sanitary. Just place a hand under the dispenser and the earplugs drop straight into the palm, minimizing touchpoints and eliminating trays collecting dust and contaminants.

Not only can these dispensers boost compliance by making earplugs quickly and easily accessible, but they can also save you money. For example, employees can take only one pair at a time, so there is no wasteful grabbing of handfuls.

Moldex also offers one of the widest selections of earplug shapes, colors, sizes, and NRR ratings of any manufacturer in the world. This variety helps to aid in compliance with OSHA 1910.95(i)(3), which requires that employees be allowed to select their hearing protection from a variety of suitable options.

Moldex manufactures all products in the USA. With over 70 patents, they have a strong history of perpetual innovation, and all Moldex products and packaging are PVC-Free.


The Moldex PlugStation is the most popular earplug dispenser on the market. There are three options to provide the perfect solution for your needs:

Uncorded PlugStations: the most popular option, these dispensers offer an earplug style and fit for everyone.

Corded PlugStations: the first and only packaged corded dispenser on the market.

Packaged Uncorded: perfect for when you need packaged earplugs, no strings attached.

EcoStation Earplug Dispensers

The Moldex EcoStation dispenser can also help you reach your environmental goals. All of these EcoStation products feature a snap-in refill that can be changed in seconds, and the empty bottles are 100% recyclable.

This option is more economical to help lower hearing protection program costs, and the snap-in refill offers the fastest and easiest changeover available. The sealed refill also helps prevent contamination.

TouchFree EcoStation

With the TouchFree version, you place your hand under the automatic dispenser and a pair of earplugs will drop right into your palm. As a result, you can eliminate touchpoints and create a greener, cleaner workplace for all. Check out this video to learn more about the TouchFree EcoStation.

EcoStation Copper

The EcoStation Copper dispenser handle features a CuVerro® copper surface that, when cleaned regularly, continuously kills bacteria left behind by dirty hands, killing more than 99.9% of bacteria* within two hours.

Plastic Bracket

Moldex plastic brackets allow you to hang earplug dispensers throughout a facility in seconds to make it easier for employees to access hearing protection quickly. Plus, they are 100% PVC-Free.

Magnetic Bracket

Moldex magnetic brackets are the first of their kind and fully compatible with all PlugStations and EcoStations. You can hang them almost anywhere, from vending machines to lockers, metal cabinets, and more.

Moldex Hearing Protection Canisters

Hearing protection canisters go anywhere workers need them to, whether it’s the glove box or console of a work truck, in a locker or toolbox, or on a desk. With Moldex canisters, team members can have a personal supply of earplugs, which is especially useful for remote workers or those in the field. Canisters are available for:

  • Softies
  • SparkPlugs
  • Glide Foam
  • Camo Plugs
  • Glide Camo Foam

Leaders in Hearing Protection Safety

NRR ratings must be adequate to protect workers against noise exposure, but research shows that additional factors like convenience and availability are also essential to ensure compliance. Quest Safety Products is always up-to-date with the latest safety requirements and products available to provide you with hearing protection solutions suitable to your facility’s unique needs.

We’ve found that Moldex is a leader in providing customers with hearing protection tested to the highest safety standards and designed with convenience and availability in mind — so you can ensure workers don’t just have to wear protection, but want to. Contact your territory manager or click here to visit our knowledge center to learn more about Moldex earplug dispensers, canisters, and brackets, as well as find out how to get free samples.

03 Sep 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted every aspect of life in 2020, with supply chain problems becoming a primary challenge for businesses across the globe. Interos, an AI-powered risk management platform, conducted a study in October 2020. They found that “more than 90% of companies expect the disruption of global supply chains caused by the pandemic will have long-lasting effects on their businesses, and nearly 98% of senior decision-makers in the United States alone believe that their organization’s supply chain has already been disrupted.” 

The senior decision-makers included in the study noted challenges with demand reduction, shortages, price swings, and various other issues across their supply chains courtesy of COVID-19. Moreover, of the 450 senior-level personnel, 90% feared that these issues would continue with future waves of infection.

Today, the primary change is that companies are now experiencing higher demand in addition to all of the other issues. Moreover, we now know that these challenges won’t be going away any time soon. So now is the time for businesses to focus on building resilience into every aspect of their value chains.

It’s no secret that, right now, supply chains are a mess regardless of the pandemic. Businesses have seen nearly every disruption possible, from container shortages to bad weather and even a blockage in the Suez Canal. The way companies have managed to persevere and deliver to customers despite these issues is nothing short of inspirational. But, for many, it was an uphill battle every step of the way. Now Delta is adding more variation in an already volatile mix of circumstances, and these imbalances are expected to continue for another year at minimum.

Luckily, experts at PwC, Deloitte, The Wall Street Journal, and Supply Chain Consultants have been studying and working to uncover reliable ways to manage these ongoing disruptions effectively. It’s up to individual businesses to determine the right mix of resilience to build into their strategies, but all should focus on building it comprehensively into all areas of the company to minimize volatility.

Quest has put together an eBook outlining these recommendations to help you regain more control over your value chain. For example, resetting operations with greater digital capabilities and renewing logistics operating models can improve efficiency and effectiveness. Check out the eBook for more detailed information on how to boost your supply chain’s resilience despite persistent industry disruptions.

13 Aug 2021

Quest Safety Products just celebrated their 25th anniversary in business. Their growth over the years to become one of the premier safety equipment manufacturers and distributors in the midwest has recently landed them in a brand new building. But this growth didn’t happen overnight and they didn’t do it alone. It has been through a variety of strategic partnerships, a commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations, and finding creative solutions to their customers’ problems.

One of the reasons Quest has been so successful is due to their strategic decision to be a part of the AD SafetyNetwork. What was once a buying group known as SafetyNetwork, they recently merged with AD, to create the AD SafetyNetwork. This merger further strengthened the position of independent safety distributors in the market. AD SafetyNetwork exists to help independent distributors compete by leveraging their group’s buying power and ability to help companies scale through many benefits. Quest customers are often on the receiving end of those benefits and allows Quest to provide the service and experience their customers have come to expect.

Competitive Pricing

AD SafetyNetwork’s membership exceeds 850 members in three countries across nine different verticals which creates a $45B buying network. This gives AD SafetyNetwork immense buying power that rivals some of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the world, allowing AD SafetyNetwork to negotiate higher discounts than individual companies could hope to obtain on their own. Additionally, they are able to negotiate group incentives and exclusive promotions from suppliers and manufacturers. The end result is competitive pricing and savings for Quest customers.

Visibility into Supply Chains

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught businesses anything, it was that disruption can happen at any moment. Having a partner that has a pulse on the demands of the supply chain is one way to mitigate the problems and frustration often experienced when customers can’t get their hands on products they need to be successful. The relationships, partnerships, and industry data gained from AD SafetyNetwork helps Quest to report potential issues to customers before they can negatively impact the safety of employees. Decision-makers and manufacturers that foster frequent and transparent communication have better outcomes. 

Speed to Market

Along with helping to resolve supply chain disruptions, AD SafetyNetwork membership allows products to be brought to market quickly through the help of the supplier network and ability to access materials needed to produce and manufacture safety equipment. Industry-leading suppliers are a critical component of the AD SafetyNetwork network and without them, customers would experience delays in receiving products or a lack of materials needed to produce them. 

Best-in-Class Training & Certifications

This strategic network also allows for exclusive and unfiltered access to some of the top manufacturers to get training and information straight from the source. This makes Quest employees some of the most knowledgeable in the industry and can help customers make the best buying decisions based on their unique safety needs. In addition, their Safety Equipment Expert (SEE) certification includes a comprehensive 150 hours of training to become certified. The ongoing education and training required of this certification assures customers are getting the most up-to-date and critical information on the regulations and applications of each safety product category and the ever-evolving safety industry needs.

Solution-based Approach

Quest has built a solid business based on exceeding customer expectations. Their relationships with customers and the level of transparency they share allows them to learn about the specific challenges a customer faces in order to solve them. Quest has designed and manufactured products based specifically on a customer’s challenge. This solution-based approach is made possible through the connections they have developed over the years through the AD SafetyNetwork network. It affords Quest access to partners, materials, parts, and engineering that can help develop and enhance specific products.

These strategic partnerships are just one initiative that has been a part of the success that Quest achieved, but with the customer in mind. Their team is committed to providing best-in-class solutions at competitive pricing, staying on top of evolving supply chains, educating safety professionals on the products they use, and reinforcing safety cultures with best practice solutions. If you are looking for assistance with your safety needs, Quest can help — contact us today.

28 Jul 2021

A strong respiratory protection program is essential for all companies that have workers potentially impacted by respiratory hazards.  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 requires that a well-trained program administrator lead, document, and enforce such a program. Are your safety managers up-to-date on the latest guidelines to effectively recognize, evaluate, and control employee exposure to hazards in the workplace? Are your written guidelines and training procedures up to date? We have a helpful solution with great resources.

3M Helps Customers Create a Strong Respiratory Program

Quest Safety Products is an authorized reseller of 3M, a leading manufacturer of respiratory products, among other safety equipment. As a partner in providing the best equipment for the job at hand, we would like to point you to 3M’s Center for Respiratory Protection. This impressive resource provides step-by-step tools, checklists, and templates to help ensure your safety programs achieve their respiratory safety goals. On the website you will find.

  1. Exposure Assessment: Provides a chart, video, and thorough step-by-step instructions to walk you through exposure assessment.
  2. Written Program: You can download a checklist to help ensure your written program is complete.
  3. Respirator Selection: Provides an Overview of Respiratory Equipment Types, Video, and a Respirator Selection Guide with key information on choosing your equipment. They also include a link to their Select and Service Life software that will walk you through the Contaminants and Cartridge/Filter selection. It will then help you to establish an effective gas/vapor cartridge change out schedule.
  4. Medical Evaluation: In addition to laying out the facts around the OSHA mandated medical evaluation and the paperwork requirements, 3M offers an online medical evaluation program that meets the OSHA criteria.
  5. Fit Testing: This section details the Qualitative Fit Test and the Quantitative Fit Test with protocols, quick reference guides, videos, and paperwork you can download for record keeping. Quest sells the items required to conduct fit testing. 
  6. Training & Maintenance: Find details on what OSHA requires in annual respiratory training and download 3M’s Administrative Respiratory Protection Program brochure can help you make sure you have the correct materials.

Quest Safety Products Can Help Navigate the Many Options

At Quest Safety Products, we are always up-to-date with the latest requirements so we can provide you with respiratory protection solutions that suit your facility’s unique needs. If you are looking for assistance in navigating your respiratory protection program requirements or just selecting the right environmental safety products to keep your teams safe, Quest can help — contact us today.


16 Jul 2021

Ensuring you have the critical supplies needed to keep your operation running smoothly can be a complicated and costly process. Some suppliers can’t guarantee they will have the required quantity you need when you need it. There are ways to ensure you have the supplies you need without investing in additional warehouse space and employees to manage the process. 

With 20+ years of experience working with pharmaceutical and life science companies, Quest Safety Products has built an effective process to meet critical supply needs without the costly overhead. We are currently doing this for a number of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, enabling them to reinvest the money they’d normally spend on warehouse space and additional inventory back into their core business. 

Download our eBook to get an inside look at the steps we take to manage the supply chain for our customers’ critical products. We’ve also included two case studies that highlight how our unique approach works and the benefits provided to our customers. 

Download the eBook 

If you would like to learn more about our supply chain process or discuss possible solutions for your company, please reach out to Mark Towner, our VP of Sales.

16 Jul 2021

How Linemen Can Stay Safe on the Job

Utility work can be full of hazards. Linemen risk falls, electric shocks, burns, and other injuries while on the job every day. Minimizing these risks for workers is critical. That’s why electrical safety equipment like arc flash apparel is crucial.

What Are the Risks of Electrical Line Work?

Electrical line utility workers face some of the most dangerous tasks in the industry. Workers need to fully understand these hazards not only to ensure their own protection, but also the safety of those around them. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, risks include:

  • Electrocution
  • Falls
  • Confined spaces
  • Fires and explosions
  • Sprains, strains, and fractures
  • Environmental stress

Even linemen with decades of experience must remain cognizant of these risks to ensure they are taking appropriate safety measures — like using proper electrical safety equipment.

How Can Electrical Linemen Stay Safe on the Job?

While utility work is dangerous, there are ways to protect yourself and others from the injuries and hazards listed above. The following are just some of the safety best practices linemen can follow. For more information on linemen safety, review OSHA’s Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Industry safety guidelines.

Wear proper electrical safety equipment.

The use of proper electrical safety equipment is one of the most important safety steps linemen can take. In the event of an incident, a helmet, gloves, shoes, and clothing will provide an extra layer of protection against falling objects or electrical shock.

Use tools appropriately.

Linemen should never use a tool they are not familiar with and should always practice proper tool safety, such as visually inspecting all equipment before use and replacing anything visibly damaged. Utility company managers might consider holding training sessions to keep workers up to date on these safety best practices.

Always work in teams.

Linemen often work in groups, but that doesn’t mean they are working as a team. Linemen should ensure that they and their fellow crew members communicate with each other and look out for one another’s safety.

Stay aware of surroundings.

When working on the line, even a slight movement can lead to an accident. Electricity can arc over to an object through the air. You don’t even have to touch a line with a conductive object — simply having it within inches of the line and then backing away can create an electrical arc several feet wide, which can cause significant injury. Therefore, linemen should move mindfully and be aware of the tools around them.

Take the time to do the job safely.

Accidents often occur when workers try to rush a job. Even experienced electrical line workers must work slowly and use proper technique, which will also ensure the job is done properly.

How Arc Flash Apparel Helps Linemen Stay Safe

Linemen must always wear insulative protective equipment to protect themselves against electrical shock. Some of the protective equipment available includes ground cables, grounding clusters, arc flash apparel, dielectric insulated boots, hard hats, and face shields. 

Manufacturers of arc flash apparel typically make boots, gloves, and sleeves from insulated rubber that protects against electrical shock. Rubber safety equipment keeps power lineman safe from electrical hazards on the job. This equipment should be inspected prior to each use for wear, damage, or contamination. They come in multiple classes determined by the level of protection they provide. Hard hats and face shields are also essential protection against falling objects and other debris.  

Linemen often perform tasks on de-energized equipment which is locked out and tagged out while remaining within the shock boundary and near to other live equipment. In this case, a worker could accidentally lose control of a tool that could then contact live parts. If the worker is using non-insulated hand tools, in addition to a shock hazard, a phase-over and an arc flash could happen. As a result, the worker could be exposed to injury, and the nearby equipment could take damage that results in expensive repairs, replacement, or downtime.

Tools with plastic coatings or plastic handles are not suitable when live circuits are close to the task at hand. Therefore, any work in close proximity to energized equipment should only be done using insulated tools with the double-triangle official international “Suitable for live working” symbol, a marking that identifies tools as safe for energized work. This symbol must be marked on all truly insulated hand tools. 

These insulated hand tools have a maximum use rating of 1,000VAC and are dielectrically tested at 10,000VAC, equating to a safety margin factor of 10. These tools should meet current ASTM F1505 and IEC 60903 standards for insulated hand tools and are useful for compliance with the CSA Z462-15 standard.

Arc Flash Apparel and Other Electrical Safety Equipment from Quest

At Quest Safety Products, we are always up-to-date with the latest requirements so we can provide you with electrical safety equipment that suits your unique needs. To help you keep your electrical linemen safe, Quest offers a full range of electrical safety equipment from all the major manufacturers:

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21 Jun 2021

Indianapolis, Ind., June 14, 2021 – Quest Safety Products announced the  opening of a new facility in the Park Fletcher Industrial Park, developed to offer customers stronger supply chain options.

 Quest has a strong economic commitment to Indianapolis through its $5.5 million investment of the new 60,000 sq. ft. facility. By building in a historically underutilized business zone – or HUBZone – Quest brings meaningful investment to the community. 90% of new hires will be primarily from the HUBZone with a planned 56% increase in its workforce. Half those positions will receive wages and benefits equivalent to $28 an hour. 

“Indianapolis remains a top city to grow a business and attract high-quality talent,” said Joe Hogsett, Mayor of Indianapolis. “This is an exciting announcement, and we celebrate the investment by a Minority Business Enterprise in a local HUBZone. We’re proud that Quest Safety Products has chosen Indianapolis as its headquarters, and we look forward to their continued success.”

During 2020, the pandemic posed significant challenges due to broken supply chains for customers. With an already established, robust supply chain, Quest was able to mitigate supply chain issues for their customers, through its own distribution network. Customers have responded favorably to Quest reliably meeting increased demand. This demand, however, required more space for storage and distribution operations supporting the 62% growth it has experienced this year. The building will also allow Quest to achieve next day delivery to 70% of the US, as it’s located next to key transportation hubs.

With over two decades of experience, the organization has developed a deep understanding of needs in the pharmaceutical, nuclear, construction, environmental, and utility industries. Extensive training has made the Quest team experts in these industries and the hazards involved.

“Despite industry shortages, we have reliably sourced high-quality PPE alternatives to mitigate supply chain outages for new and existing customers and our commitment to them is unwavering,” said Sam Yadav, President of Quest.

Customers have relied heavily on the Quest team to manage this year’s supply chain challenges, by demonstrating how a small, quality and diverse supplier provides agile services with increased value and cost savings; vital to any organization’s success, particularly in these challenging times. 

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Quest Safety Products is a full line distributor of safety and environmental abatement products as well as a manufacturer of disposable protective apparel. We are a focused and driven team, committed to helping our customers protect their people, products, and facilities. Quest is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Administration (SBA) certified HUBZone business. Learn how Quest solves problems and delivers solutions at www.shopquestsafety.com.